family picture.jpg

Farmington Police Officer

From Left to Right  ( Year 1953)

Hazel, Sandra, Gary, M.W. (Mac) McCutchen



mac and gary.jpg Farmington Police Officer ( Year 1952 )

M.W. (Mac) and Gary McCutchen



Mac McCutchen.jpg Farmington Police Officer: M.W (Mac) McCutchen (Year 1958)



mac black and white pic.jpgFarmington Police Officer M.W. (Mac) McCutchen (Year 1946)





 Standing 2nd from left M.W. (Mac) McCutchen, Farmington Police Dept. 1940's



garys police picture.jpg

Detective Gary McCutchen : Hobbs Police Dept ( Year 1978 )



gary motorclyce police pic.jpg

Hobbs Police Dept ( Year 1974 )  Patrolman Gary McCutchen, Traffic Division



 The Alarm company was started in 1973 by M.W (Mac) McCutchen.  Gary McCutchen took over running the business in 1980 and is the current President.

 AADI, INC. Services the Four Corners area New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah.